After years of photographing weddings, we've learned that our couples prefer things easy. We offer everyone the same package and it's really simple.

$1800 (plus tax) gets you : Two photographers for as many hours as you'd like. Typically this means something like 8:00 am till you say you're done with us. After all, there's only so many pictures you'll want of people dancing at your reception. When we meet we can flush this out so it makes amazing sense. This is all about you being happy and getting all the pics you want, of your day. You also get a fancy thumb drive with all your pictures, plus the ones we edit to make extra fancy in high resolution format. We also create an online slide show of pictures we feel tell the story of your day for you to share with family and friends. Lastly we will design a collage style, coffee table paper page book that tells the story of your day. 

Engagement Sessions:

    Location to be determined by you. Slide shows of engagement session are available for display at wedding reception for no additional charge. Sittings start at $500.


    We do not have a studio! We do not have foam numbers and pillars for you to lean on. We don't want you to feel lame or look lame. We want you to look like you and feel great about your pics. We offer customized portraits on location, like against cool old buildings and at the beach and stuff. You want to trash your prom dress? Let’s do it! We’ll go out to the beach or put you in a fountain or splash you with paint! Awesome!  Sittings start at $300.


Location to be determined so that your family is happy and having fun. Sittings start at $300.