Aloha Mark,

   We had to take some time while on our honeymoon to write you and thank you for helping to make our wedding day so special. We know we have mentioned this before, but finding a photographer was the biggest challenge of our entire wedding planning process. Having things fall through with 3 previous photographers and being caught just 3 months before our June wedding with no professional photographer was a stressful experience to say the least. Additionally, we had specific ideas about what we wanted in a wedding photography package and were very particular about what we like and value in photography.

   Your funny and fun personality, lightheartedness, flexibility, creative eye and remarkable talent make you worth your weight in gold. To say we dislike having our pictures taken would be putting it mildly. The last thing we wanted on a day of such joy is to have a couple of photographers following us and taking pictures while spending time with our family and friends. Yet you and Valeria have such kind and easy going ways about you, that you put both of us and the kids at ease right away and we really enjoyed our time spent with you. This was quite an unexpected bonus.

   Since our wedding less than a week ago, we have received many compliments from family and friends about you both. One expects to hear how beautiful the wedding was, how lovely the ceremony, how stunning the bride looked of course ;-) and how everyone had such a great time. What was completely unexpected to us was hearing countless times how great our photographers were and especially hearing this long before they have even seen a single picture. You got through our LONG list of family member pictures in record time and with a smile and a joke at every turn. Guests commented that you were professional, yet approachable and not stuffy. You were around and shooting when you needed to be and yet never in the way. You had a perfect approach and your enthusiasm for getting that next creative shot at the oddest times and circumstances was infectious! The comments we heard over and over speak loudly to your character.

   We just cannot thank you enough and are excited to see our photos! We expected competence in our wedding photographer, but we got far more than ever expected. We are so grateful for the memories and lasting impressions you created during the mere 12 hours you spent in our lives. We could not have given our business to two more deserving and hard working people. Thanks to both you and Valeria. We wish you all the success and happiness life can give you. With warm regards and deep gratitude,

- Shelly and Jim Maples

    I think you are an amazing photographer - and looking at the pictures that you took, I DID feel beautiful. I am really looking forward to having you be a part of our wedding - I was determined to only get people on board that I felt comfortable with, and that I thought would take a personal interest in how much this day means to us - and I have confidence that I found that in you.


    Mark is much more than a photographer to our organization; he is an extension of our marketing team. It's great to bring him in at the beginning of a project because he adds so much to our creative brainstorming. His unique perspective, attention to detail, and ability to grasp the big picture, make him an asset to any project he touches. True story: I called Mark one afternoon because the mountains and sky were absolutely beautiful and exactly what I wanted for a website project. He literally dropped everything, came to our location, climbed on the roof, and shot some amazing photos! Needless to say, I was pretty impressed with his customer service! Mark has a diverse background of professional experiences and a wide network of support services. It's not unusual for me to call him for a photograph and end up getting great advice about a logo, printing, and distribution!

- Diane Acosta
Development Director
San Gabriel Christian School